Tangy Green Juice

When it comes to green juice it can be hard to find one that actually tastes good. If you are anything like me, you like the idea of a healthy green juice but hate paying money for something that you have to force yourself to drink because it tastes like grass.

I am a firm believer that healthy food does not have to be bland or bitter! Healthy food should be nourishing for your body and it should taste good!

This green juice is the perfect example of that. Chocked full of nutrient dense veggies and fruits in a blend that is refreshing and tasty!


Two bunches of celery (about 16 stalks)

Two bunches of kale (about 30 leaves)

Two lemons (peeled)

Two one inch pieces of ginger (peeled)

6 apples

6 kiwis

Makes 2 full quart mason jars (64 oz.)


I like to prep all the fruits and veggies before juicing because it just makes the whole process go a lot smoother!

green ju

I always cut the peel away from the lemon (or any citrus) before juicing because if left on the juicer will squeeze liquid from the peel as well as the fruit pulp and impart a very strong and bitter flavor to your juice.

FullSizeRender (2)

I also cut off any celery leaves because I personally think they impart too strong of a flavor, but if you don’t mind that go ahead and juice the stalk leaves and all!

Lastly I also like to peel the ginger before juicing simply just because its easier on the juicer. The skin doesn’t necessarily impart an unwanted flavor, but it is very fibrous and can be hard for the juicer to extract all the juice out when the skin is left on.

(I usually leave the kiwi skins on when juicing, but for the same reasons as the ginger it may be easier on your juicer if you peel them first)

Alright, after you have all your veggies/fruit prepped you can start juicing!

green ju 2

I like to use the fruits/veggies that have the least juice first!

I usually start with the kale and juice it one handful at a time, sometimes adding in half an apple with it to help flush all the juice out. After that I use the ginger and lemon at the same time (for the same reason – so the juicy lemon helps flush out all the ginger juice). And then lastly I juice the celery, apples, and kiwis!

You can honestly juice these in any order you want! I have just noticed in my experience that it helps to efficiently extract all the juice from less juicy produce like kale and ginger.

green ju 4

To make these I used a Jack Lalanne juicer that I found at a thrift store! (Only $30, total score!) But any juicer should work perfectly fine.

And don’t forget to compost all of your food scraps after you’re done! 🙂

green ju 6

Makes two full quart mason jars.

One serving contains about:

110 kcal

25 g carb

0.7 g fat

1.5 g protein

18 g sugar

3 g fiber

96 mg vitamin C

112 micrograms vitamin K

627 IU vitamin A

280 mg Sodium

(One serving is about half a jar, or 16 oz.)



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